Honoré Ndoko

Independent Expert in Management, Development Solutions and Governance

Honoré Ndoko is a distinguished independent expert in management, development solutions and governance. He retired as Chief Administrative Officer from the World Bank, the global premier sovereign lender in December 2021. He was specialized in designing and supporting sovereign and sub sovereign lending and knowledge development packages with robust fiduciary and integrity assurance mechanisms. Over more than twenty years he extensively oversaw frontline single and multi-country programs in Europe, Central Asia, East Asia and the Pacific countries, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, leading large global teams. Prior to the World Bank his experience includes fourteen years in executive and leadership positions in the International Labor Office (ILO). He is actively involved in non-executive boards in private, public, academia and multilateral organizations. He is respected as a credible voice in complex negotiations, strategic decision making, risk management, strategic financing solutions, internal controls, fraud prevention, governance and oversight boundaries, modernization, and digital moonshot transformation. He is active in advisory and executive boards and has chaired UN Oversight and Audit Committees including UNHCR-IAOC and ITU-IMAC.

He holds a doctoral level French Agrégation in Economics and Management and a Master and postgraduate in Economics. He also holds “Expertise Comptable” certificates with a focus on audit, taxation and systems. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and continues to lecture in several universities around the World.