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Organizing Distribution of Property Tax Bills


This guidance note decribes an approach to effective property tax bill delivery that has been tried and tested in a low-income country context. It covers strategies to ensure that properties can be identified for accurate bill delivery, to sequence delivery to ensure full covered in a timely manner, and options to effectively track deliveries, including potential IT solutions.


Technical Consultant

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Xaver Schenker

Technical Consultant

Xaver is an independent technical expert who has been collaborating and leading on a variety of projects with LoGRI. After his MSc. in Economics at the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, he worked at a Research and Knowledge Center for Development Economics on projects in Guinea-Bissau and Angola. Subsequently, Xaver joined ICTD and went on to lead the property tax reform in Freetown, Sierra Leone, while conducting a variety of other consultancies with regards to local government revenue reforms across the globe. In his role as an independent technical consultant he continues to collaborate with LoGRI and other stakeholders on a number of reform projects and other consultancies.


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