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Improving Sensitization Strategies for Voluntary Property Tax Compliance in Zambia


This brief will draw on findings from the diagnostic assessment, as well as the ongoing taxpayer survey in Luapula. The goal is to summarize the current state of (1) voluntary compliance with tax obligations, (2) taxpayer understanding of the current property tax system, (3) taxpayers’ relationship with local councils, and (4) current council approaches to sensitization and encouraging voluntary compliance. It will identify the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches and propose a range of options to improve voluntary compliance. Recommendations will be targeted to the council level and include practical steps that can be taken to engage more productively with current and potential taxpayers.


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Regan McCort

Program and Research Intern

Regan McCort is pursuing a Masters of Global Affairs at the Munk School with an emphasis in Human Rights and Global Justice. She also holds a Bachelors of Arts specializing in International Relations from the University of Western Ontario. She’s interested in exploring the intersections between taxation, gender, and subnational governance through her work with LoGRI. 

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Graeme Stewart-Wilson

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