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Understanding the Potential for Property Tax Reform in Zambia


This policy brief will communicate the high-level findings of the Zambia diagnostic assessment for a public audience. It will identify and discuss the main binding constraints to improved revenue collection by local councils, including incomplete property discovery, costly and opaque assessment practices, and rigid rate-setting and appeals processes. As well as identifying and discussing these binding constraints, the brief will present a range of possible reform options to address each challenge. These challenges are common across many sub-Saharan countries, and the reform options will be phrased such that they provide useful insight for both Zambian policymakers and other country partners.


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Regan McCort

Program and Research Intern

Regan McCort is pursuing a Masters of Global Affairs at the Munk School with an emphasis in Human Rights and Global Justice. She also holds a Bachelors of Arts specializing in International Relations from the University of Western Ontario. She’s interested in exploring the intersections between taxation, gender, and subnational governance through her work with LoGRI. 

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Graeme Stewart-Wilson

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