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Options for Adopting a Simplified Approach to Property Valuation in Zambia


This policy brief presents a comprehensive analysis of potential policy responses aimed at enhancing the efficiency, transparency, equity, and public acceptance of property valuation in Zambia. Drawing on insights from the pilot exercise in Mansa, the brief begins with an overview of Zambia’s current property valuation methods, highlighting their challenges and limitations. It then explores various avenues for reforming property valuation in the country.

Moving beyond just technical reforms, the brief also examines the distinct roles of local councils and central government agencies in the valuation process. It emphasizes that while effective valuation systems are key to successful property tax reform, their impact is likely to be constrained unless accompanied by efforts to build broad-based political coalitions in support of wider reform. These efforts include improvements in property discovery and identification, as well as efforts to enhance taxpayer understanding, trust, and voluntary compliance.


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Regan McCort

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Regan McCort is pursuing a Masters of Global Affairs at the Munk School with an emphasis in Human Rights and Global Justice. She also holds a Bachelors of Arts specializing in International Relations from the University of Western Ontario. She’s interested in exploring the intersections between taxation, gender, and subnational governance through her work with LoGRI. 

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